The ultimate geek traveler suitcase

The designer Damjan Matic realized the concept of shell suitcase full of technology. That the designer proposed here is a more practical alternative because its concept is to turn the bag in high-tech multi-function accessory. No need to unsheathe a portable device to access the internet just for fun. At first glance, the bag looks like any incidental travel but looking more closely we see that it has a retractable screen. When you leave the OLED display of its slot, you can see also two wireless game controllers. Controllers are not that simple game controllers, they are open to turn into soft keyboard.

. Playing on suitcase.

Of course, apart from this aspect of “techno” suitcase keeps its original function by providing storage space worthy of the name. But what makes it really attractive is that it is radically changing the hours of waiting at the airport. In short, the suitcase shell Damjan Matic serves as laptop and gaming console at a time. The concept was designed for Samsonite.

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