The screen of your next smartphone could be as hard as steel

Japanese researchers have created a type of glass more durable than many metals and almost as strong as steel reports the site.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo and Synchrotron Research Institute have used what they call the aerodynamic levitation to create a glass impregnated with aluminum oxide. This glass does not break if dropped or impact with another object could be used for windshields, windows, slabs but also smartphones and tablets.

One technique manufacturing of the conventional tempered glass is to add larger quantities of aluminum oxide to the mixture, more specifically of alumina. Previous research has already shown that the glass inflated alumina is much more resistant than traditional glass.

From hardened glass, but transparent!

However, when the alumina is added to the mixture during the glass manufacturing process, silicon dioxide crystals grow in the glass surface, which destroys the property of transparency of glass . The new process, using oxygen gas and a laser tip, produces a transparent glass reinforced alumina and very solid.

In recent months, the hardened glass was also used by research team to create a smart remote destructible computer.

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