The CDC system for driving a BMW without hands

Like the Volkswagen (with the help of Google), BMW plans to leave the garage a car that behaves independently. In truth, the German manufacturer is working on a system almost identical to that of Google. The system board is appointed CDC or Connected Drive Connect. This system uses a GPS, radar, laser sensors, optical sensors and ultrasonic sensors. The onboard computer performs real-time 3D mapping of the environment. Vehicles and moving parts in the vicinity are identified and displayed on the screen. The system is smart enough to allow the vehicle to run at the ideal speed given the environment and traffic. In a second step, the vehicles will be able to accelerate, decelerate and stop in traffic. According to the engineer Werner Huber, this technology should be ready in 10 to 15 years.

It would seem that the concept of autonomous vehicles is to achieve the Holy Grail for car manufacturers. Nevertheless, the presence of a conductor is always appropriate when technical problems. Cars without driving is not yet on the agenda.

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