Sony SRS-X33 information

At first glance, it is difficult to tell the difference between Sony SRS-X33 and its predecessor the Sony SRS-X3. These Bluetooth speakers feature both the same rectangular minimalist design and are divided into different colors. But when placed side by side and that we take a look at the data sheet, we realize that the X33 is considerably smaller and lighter (730 grams against 795 grams). Above all, it has a much longer battery life: 12 hours against 7 hours.

Like the previous model, the Sony X33 displays a price of 160 euros. Although it is lighter, it remains powerful with its two speakers and 10 watts passive bass system. The design is simple and elegant with a soft-touch finish. This aesthetic is very attractive.

It has all the features one would expect in a Bluetooth speaker, with the exception of a few options such as waterproofing, the ability to load another USB device or to associate two Sony speakers X33 to find a true stereo effect (as is possible on the EU pregnant Boom and Roll).

The Bluetooth connection offers a classic range of 10 meters and it has a hands-free function to take calls that works very well. The Sony SRS-X33 integrates an NFC chip to simplify the Bluetooth pairing with compatible smartphones and tablets. Just approach the two devices so that the connection is made. The enclosure manages the LDAC codec, the Sony version of APTX which is supposed to enhance the sound quality of a Bluetooth link. Still, it must have a compatible player LDAC to enjoy it and they are still few.

The enclosure is recharged via a micro USB socket. Sony provides a charger with its mobile Bluetooth speaker but no carrying case. We also find a mini-jack audio input for connecting non-Bluetooth enabled devices.

In the world of speakers, downsizing does not mean better sound quality. But Sony’s engineers have apparently he found a solution, SRS-X33 sounds great with bass slightly more efficient at high volume and an overall more balanced sound than the X3.

As with many nomadic Bluetooth speakers, your first reaction will be to say that this model delivers a truly powerful sound given its size with enough bass to fill present a small room. Still, all these speakers have a threshold at which the sound is distorted at high volume.

In the case of the Sony SRS-X33, the situation is simple. It delivers excellent sound given its size and price, especially for listening at moderate volume. Things get tough when submitted to him complex pieces with lots of instruments or bass very accentuated. The signal processing DSP (Digital Signal Processor) plays its part by capping certain frequencies to limit the distortion, which sometimes results in a loss of detail, especially at the bass. But again, this is a typical defect of these speakers.

Faced with competition

Compared to the X3, Sony X33 offers a softer sound with slightly better bass. The enclosure is also powerful enough given its size, but facing the X3, it tends to be a little more shrill in the treble and midrange. The Bose SoundLink Mini II, more expensive, more forgiving of imperfections audio sources that the X33 from Sony. It is designed to adapt to any musical genre and delivers a slightly warmer sound. But the speaker Sony offers a slightly more assertive personality.

We also compared the Sony X33 2+ to load the new waterproof version of the Nomad JBL speaker. To our surprise, the 2+ load has proved somewhat better (to our ears), with a more powerful, smoother and better defined bass. Why the surprise? During our test of Charge 2, we had not been particularly impressed with its audio quality. The Charge 2+ has nothing to do. We learned from the JBL firmware (firmware) of the load 2 has been updated, what person at the manufacturer had informed us ….

Finally, we compared the Sony X33 to X55. This larger model delivers powerful sound with more bass. However, even if the volume of the X55 offers a greater amplitude, the sound is not better than the X33, at least when running on battery (connected to the mains, the X55 has a little more power and sounds a little better). Our preference is for X33. With its smaller footprint and best price / quality ratio.

The enclosure Sony X33 may have a tendency to distort the sound on some songs played at high volume, but it significantly improves things compared to the X3. The JBL 2+ load is also a good option in this price range. The Sony SRS-X33 also presents itself as a more affordable alternative to the Mini II Bose SoundLink.

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