Sony announces a new chip TransferJet

In the small world of “contactless” there is the NFC and there’s Sony’s TransferJet. The technology which we mentioned already in 2008 is finally starting to happen in our devices.

TransferJet is an ISO standard (17568) and the technology used to transmit data quickly – 560 megabits / s in theory, about 375 megabits / s (46MB / s) in practice – very short distance, simply by bringing two devices compatible. Currently deployed in some laptops and cameras, the technology does not compete with the NFC – which is intended more to exchange information or simple mobile payment – but complete.

The new chip to Sony, CXD3271GW, is smaller than the old chip (6 x 6 mm) and is worth about $ 6 for OEMs, which should allow it to be incorporated in tablets, smartphones, etc.. Sony also offers an SDK for Android and presumably future. Tablets brand will be compatible with the technology.

The future of technology is a priori set fair, companies like Canon, Casio, Hitachi, Nikon, Toshiba and Samsung (and Sony of course) having created a consortium to promote the technology.

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