Solenopsis, a certain idea of ​​4×4 in the year 2085

For the American company Local Motors, Borka Schwarzer has designed a concept race car-edge. Named Solenopsis, the vehicle provides a picture of off-road in 2085.

Inspired by the ant, from which it takes its name, Solenopsis simply displays a futuristic design. With a design worthy of a science fiction film, the vehicle has a more complex structure. The nanostructure of the wheels return to the ability of fire ants to come together to adapt to all situations and all conditions. Thus, the wheels turn to better adapt to climate and soil. It can, for example, turn into caterpillars. This race car is 100% environmentally friendly. It is powered by a fuel cell.

Aircraft called Ar-Go are designed to accompany the cars Solenopsis. These airplanes can be linked to each other and form a power generator by exploiting wind energy. Both devices come in part in the Terra Award 2085.



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