Smart 341 Parkour, a city that has the dog…

During the 2011 LA Design Challenge, designers no longer content to present a promising concept bristling with innovative features and flanked by an attractive design. The concepts should have their own stories. The Smart 341 Parkour impressed people in this competition.

Smart 341 Parkour is a concept that a trio of designers provides for Mercedes-Benz. Compact and stylish definitely, this city with futuristic and friendly a vehicle is found to be most convenient for the residents of a large city. Parkour 341 Smart car has a cabin and part of her hull is transparent with a 180 degree view of the driver. For the record, Smart 341 Parkour is the vehicle of a young journalist named Annie, eager to find an article that will be the one to provide a springboard his career. In town called Cantpark City, Annie made ​​good use of the features of his car for a successful investigation. Able to fly and run vertically along the skyscrapers, the vehicle is obviously the master-piece of history.

Sylvain Wehnert, Emiel Burki and Phillipp Haban are the designers of this extraordinary vehicle. The Smart 341 Parkour won the competition before a panel of design professionals.

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