“Slide to unlock” not an invention of Apple

Since Apple and Samsung have found common ground in order to end their legal battle for patent violations (except the US), the climate seemed to have subsided in the telephony sector mobile.

But all the records are not suspended on these intellectual property issues. And Apple continues to lead such lawsuits against Motorola in Germany, a former subsidiary of Google and now part of Lenovo.

A patent that is not based on an invention

The German court rejected the legitimacy of the patent claimed by the American firm. It accused Motorola of violating its patent, truly a method of sliding the finger on the screen to unlock it.

The court considered in particular that the contested patent was not based on a invention and already part of the state of the art. The magistrates also believe that a simple method “does not have the necessary level of sophistication to receive patent protection. ”

The Register further recalls that European legislation in this area does not allow the software to be patented when it does not represent an innovation considered” technical solution to a problem technical. ”

The Apple patent is invalid and can not obtain compensation for damage which Motorola was guilty by implementing this method on its smartphones.

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