SanDisk iXpand (2016)

Unlike many Android tablets and smartphones, the iPhone and the iPad does not have expandable storage system. We must stick to the 16, 64, 128 or 256 GB of internal memory. Unless you have a Sandisk iXpand key …


This small flash storage external system is faster and smaller version of the accessory for iPhone and iPad released in 2014. This key works both on a computer with a standard USB port or on iOS devices equipped with the lightning port. Once plugged into an iPhone or iPad, thanks to the free application iXpand Drive, you can then access the content stored on the removable media or save photos and contacts iOS device.


in our tests, the iXpand 2016 is shown in performance with a USB 3.0 write speeds of around 50MB / s and 90MB / s read, which represents a huge improvement over the previous model (respectively 11 and 13 MB / s). And thanks to its more compact design, iXpand (Version 2016) can be used more conveniently with an iPad. The application has proved successful in both reading and backup.

There are still some flaws. Unlike the previous model, the new Sandisk iXpand key does not have a battery. In our tests, we found that the battery of the iPhone 6s tended to empty much faster when saving photos, about 1% of autonomy consumed every 4 minutes.


also be aware that the application does not handle its most popular formats (DTS, AC3 …), which means that many videos are silent.

Moreover, the key inherits a defect present in the previous version, namely a FAT32 formatting in the archaic size required to use the mobile application. It is of course format it to NTFS or exFAT, but iXpand then only work as a USB key. The disadvantage of FAT32 is that it only supports files no larger than 4 GB. This excludes most HD movies that exceed this size.


If you are looking fast copy solution, this iXpand key is a good choice. It is found on the internet at around 50 euros for the 16GB version, 70 euros for 32, 100 euros for the 64 GB version and 160 euros for the 128 GB version. But if you need better autonomy, the previous version will be more appropriate.

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