Samsung S2 Galaxy Tab 9.7

The tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 9.7-inch S2 is aesthetically very successful. This tablet runs Android embellished with TouchWiz custom interface that is found on smartphones Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge . It certainly missing some original or latest and functionality, but the Tab S2 is still one of the best Android tablets of the moment. It is an excellent alternative to the iPad.


Currently, the Galaxy Tab S2 is one of the finest bars and light with 5.6 mm thick and 389 g on the scale. It slightly beat its main competitors Dell Venue 10 7000, the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet or Apple iPad Air 2 .

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 pouces

It offers an elegant design and a high-end look. Some may find the finish a little less polished than the aluminum of the iPad or Dell, but it is certainly much better than plastic imitation leather texture of the model of last year. On the right side of the unit are the power button, volume and the tray for the micro SD memory card which can be opened with a pin or paper clip. The bottom edge houses the two speakers, the headphone jack and micro USB port.

The corners of the tablet are rounded but the edges are flat and vertical, which ensures a good grip. Tablet dimensions lend themselves less well to use with one hand that the version of 8 inches. It is nevertheless easy to handle. The soft, velvety coating of the shell is comfortable. Repeat, the Tab S2 is so light and fine that is forgotten once slipped into a bag. It is also very comfortable to use over extended periods of time either to read, work or play. The plastic finish does not give it such a high-end appearance than the iPad, but it ensures a wonderful lightness. It’s really good option if you plan to use it during your commute, on a trip or evening to read in bed

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 pouces


The Galaxy Tab runs Android S2 5 Lollipop customized with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. If you already know the Samsung devices, this one will be familiar. The tablet comes with several dedicated offers 2 month subscription to the online version of the World and, 3 month subscription to LeKiosk platform (to a maximum of 10 monthly magazines) and 3 months offered on the streaming service Google Play Music.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 pouces

Since the model of last year, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a windowing function and a fingerprint reader. This works a little differently since it is sufficient to place the finger and not to drag it. It can record up to four different fingers. In the end, the system is more convenient to use than before.

noted the presence of the Connect application that contains a variety of tips and tutorials for using the tablet, trailers and video clips as well as promotions on other Samsung products. This might interest those who do not know the brand or Android, but the others do find anything relevant.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 pouces

Under the hood, S2 Galaxy Tab features a Exynos 5433 processor heart eightfold with chips clocked at 1.9 GHz and 1.3 GHz, 32 GB of storage that can be expanded via a micro SD memory card, Bluetooth 4.1 low energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi 802.11.a / b / g / n / ac.

The super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy Tab S of last year was already one of the best we ‘ve seen on a tablet with deep black levels, excellent brightness and saturated colors. The Galaxy Tablet S2 follows this trend with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and a resolution (pixel density) of 264 dots per inch (dpi). However, this is slightly less than the 2014 model and 2560 x 1600 pixels. The difference in definition is hardly noticed because the new Tab S is 4: 3 while her sister was 16: 9. Anyway, the screen is still bright with vibrant colors. Saturation provides a more dynamic side and cinematic videos. The green and yellow shades are especially expanded the HD videos are crisp and contrast of this screen is very bright indeed is excellent. But there is a downside. Brightness is perfect for readability, especially in bright sunlight or under intense lighting, but mitigates the details. On photos or videos with shades of white, the details of the brightest parts are difficult to detect. On a video of an overcast sky, texture, curves, and the clouds are indistinguishable size in brighter areas.


Demanding tracks like “NOVA 3″ “Dead Trigger 2″ will load quickly enough, same for each level. The graphics perfectly exploit the quality of the Super AMOLED screen and take advantage. Saturated colors clearly show the backgrounds. Dark scenes thanks to contrast and high black levels, provide many details.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 pouces


The Samsung Galaxy S2 has held an average of 13.2 hours of battery life in our tests, which is excellent for a tablet. As we used occasionally, we did that recharged every 2-3 days. Standby mode is also very powerful. After two days of deep sleep, the battery still showed 91% load.

Photo and Video

Overall, photography and video are not the strengths of the tablets. The Galaxy Tab S2 proves an exception in this area. She will not come to replace your DSLR, but it offers one of the best camera modules that can be found on Android tablets at this time.

The front camera of a definition 2.1 megapixels is not only efficient for video calls, but it also takes very decent self-portraits. The colors are faithful and detailed images also under low light. There is some grain, but this is not surprising for a 2.1 megapixel sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 pouces

The rear offers a sensor resolution of eight megapixels. The camera app offers various modes including panorama, HDR mode and 360 degrees. The pictures at full resolution are amazingly sharp and accurate colors. The appliance is not doing too badly in dark lighting conditions with again some grain.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 arises a worthy successor of Tab S . She is improving in almost all areas and becomes one of the best Android tablets on the market. Compared to its direct competitors, including the iPad Air 2, it is a better deal. At prices substantially equal, you have more onboard memory and the possibility to extend it easily with a memory card. Although it does not offer the specific feature that distinguishes (the famous “killer feature”) and do stand out, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the perfect tablet for anyone looking for a lightweight and purpose for travel daily, traveling or reading at night in bed.

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