Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

For the third consecutive year, Samsung offers a hardened version of its latest smartphone model reference. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active resumes of specs Galaxy S6 by adding a more powerful battery, mechanical buttons, a dustproof and waterproof and shock resistance. Adorned with a blue hull, camouflage gray or completely black, the Active S6 evokes a device ready to face the elements.

Its design is not to be distinguished and elegant as the Galaxy S6 with its graceful lines and finish mixing metal and glass. However, its more rugged design inspires confidence in its ability to withstand the daily abuse. The Active S6 is currently available in the United States.

Design and hardened design

To ensure a better grip, wide plastic headband the embattled borders screen. The corners are also thicker and strengthened to protect the smartphone from bumps and dings. The navigation buttons have also been reinforced. It is no more sensitive keys but true thicker and textured mechanical buttons for easy handling. As on the S6 and S6 Edge , the photo function starts by pressing twice on the home button, even when the screen is locked. And when it is active, pressing the same button launches the Google Now voice assistant. Other keys receive the same treatment while the SIM card is protected in a removable drawer.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

From the back, the device sports a blue decoration, so gray camouflage or a completely black finish. There are the thick borders and traditional dummy rivets. Like the S6, the rear seat does not open to change the battery or insert a memory card. He must be content with 32GB of storage built into the smartphone without any possibility of extension.

One of the main differences between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Active lies in the rugged and waterproof aspect of this last. Samsung seems to have chosen not to give character “watertight” Galaxy S6 (S6 and Edge) to reserve to the Active S6 and give it a unique specificity of its own. Rated IP68, it can hold 30 minutes in water 1 meter deep. It is also dustproof and can cash falls up to 1.3 meters high.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Its battery is rated at 3500 mAh against 2550 mAh the S6 and S6 Edge. So far, independence has been excellent with 16.6 hours on our endurance test. We will continue our tests to see if the battery of the Galaxy Active S6 maintains this performance over time. The Samsung smartphone takes a full day as part of a “normal” use. Keep in mind that autonomy depends a lot on the intensity with which one uses his mobile. Activities such as guided navigation or streaming video to begin significantly.

Tracker activity

A blue button appears on the side of Active Galaxy S6. This is the Active Key “, a shortcut to launch the application Activity Zone. The latter provides quick access to all kinds of useful information. It features 6 shortcuts to applications: weather, S Health, stopwatch, flashlight, compass, barometer. The information of “base” is displayed in tiles. To go further, simply select one by tapping it. And we can also open each application by pressing it. It is possible to modify them by dragging the tiles. Impossible however to replace these applications with ones they would find most useful.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

A long press on this same blue key to start a second application. By default, this is the music player, but another application can be assigned to it.

Note that, unlike the S6 and S6 Edge, Active S6 does not include a reader digital print. An absence hardly damaging to what is to unlock the phone, but it may be for the mobile payment system Samsung Pay , when available. Instead validate purchases by putting his thumb on the drive (as on the S6 and S6 Edge) will require a code. A longer process and a priori less certain.

At the height of his promise?

This Active Galaxy S6 is really made for those who practice sports and / or working outdoors? Certainly, yes. More robust than those of most high-end smartphones, the camera body even gain in personality and skating with the appearance of scratches. Its tight side reassures and offers the luxury of being able to use the device in a bathroom or near a pool without fear.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

We tested the Galaxy S6 Active during walking and running sessions. We have not dropped but its thick edges have made us less paranoid about the possibility. The peace of mind it brings its excuses slightly overweight.

With its approach to the Activity Zone, Samsung is on track. The application is more flexible and convenient. People who practice a specific activity must fall back on a dedicated application. Active mobile S6 remains rather general.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 turns a smartphone of choice for backpackers and sports. What about for more sedentary users? Who can do more can do less. And if his design “cured” is not a showstopper, Active S6 suit all types of users. Sealing is useful to everyone and mechanical keys are quite nice. Also, busy people (like parents of young children) or operating in dirty environments will not have to worry about having the perfectly dry, clean hands to use the touch screen.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

The Samsung Galaxy Active S6 is a high-end smartphone that has a substantially identical configuration to the S6 and S6 Edge with a more powerful battery. The price of both models are almost the same, the choice will be based primarily on the design. On the metal and glass side, the other plastic but with a waterproof character.

Zero risk does not exist, it will still be possible to break the Active S6. The Samsung smartphone is, to date, one of the few models to offer a high-end configuration in a hardened chassis. The S6 Active is neither the best nor the most high-end market, but it has the advantage of being suitable for a hectic day. Whether for work and / or training, it avoids having to worry about scratches and splashes. If you want a powerful phone you will not have to spare, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is for you.

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