Sale Surface Pro: no question of promoting a competitor Lenovo

In 2009, the UMP formed a large family and youth of the party enlisted the most motivated to turn in a lipdub – Nadine Morano are included. In the PC industry, ride a choir is not valid. But several actors agree to sing in chorus in favor of PC.

Microsoft and Lenovo have thus agreed to collaborate on a common project, namely an advertising campaign to tout the innovations in traditional PC. . However, the question for these two players to be partners throughout

Microsoft asked: “I said no”

Dell and HP recently agreed to distribute the Microsoft Surface Pro. Yet it is a competitor for tablets and hybrids of these manufacturers. The Redmond company still was able to convince two of the top three global manufacturers to rally to his cause.

The world’s leading manufacturer still missing the call. And a priori Lenovo is not ready for a turnaround. The Chinese company responded unambiguous on this point at the Canalys Channels Forum.

Microsoft has asked Lenovo to distribute its range Surface Pro. It was there over a year, testified president and chief Lenovo operations, Gianfranco Lanci, quoted by The Register. The software giant has received a plea of ​​inadmissibility.

Surface Pro for Dell and HP, but not Area Book

“I said no,”. “I see no reason to sell a product, in quotes, of a competitor,” he said. Because Lenovo sells indeed comparable tablets and hybrids. Why Dell and HP do not they feel the same reservations?

For, as reported by The Register, these actors also market business services, not just equipment. For Dell and HP, resell area is also ensuring deployment and support services of these terminals. Other parameters thus come into the equation.

However, this support will not be extended to Surface Book, the first high-end PC Convertible launched in October by Microsoft. For the president of enterprise solutions from Dell, Marius Haas, Book distribution area is not valid. And it is also not very happy with the arrival of this hybrid.

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