Recorder: digital ball pen

Last year, we made the discovery of a sophisticated pen capable of reproducing a digital version of what is drawn on paper in real time. This is the Wacom stylus Inkling. Recently, a group of Chinese designers has just introduced a concept in the same register.

Recorder is a high-tech ballpoint pen  operating in much the way the Wacom stylus Inkling. If the device launched by Wacom requires a box that follows the movement of the tip of the pen recorder is self sufficient. It is equipped with a sensor located near the tip, monitoring and detecting its movement and the letters or lines drawn.

Recorder communicates with the computer via Bluetooth. It is also possible to write without connecting to a computer because Recorder has an entry for micro-SD card to store data. Xia Xiaoqian, Renming Jun, Han Ricoeur, Liu Peng, Meng Bao, Weicheng Jie Xiao and Yang are the designers of this pen promising.

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