RAINywhere, a portable shower and solar

The designer Sergi Ruiz recently presented a concept that should be enjoyed by holidaymakers. This is a portable shower and solar. RAINywhere, is the name of this practice apparently shower.

RAINywhere allows the owner to take a shower anywhere and anytime. This portable shower consists of a folding stand that can fit in an aluminum case, provided with the kit. RAINywhere was manufactured with titanium, which is why it remains both light and durable. The folding stand is covered with solar panels that use sunlight to heat water system instantly. The various parts of the shower are linked with magnets and pressure. Nevertheless, RAINywhere requires the presence of a water point. It is therefore impossible to use in an isolated place, far from everything.

RAINywhere seems also interesting for travelers, the affected people in a poor infrastructure or the military. The concept is proposed to the ROCA brand health.

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