Qualcomm ARM Soc to the server market

Qualcomm has managed to tamp Intel pawn on the smartphone sector, but the American company does not stop there and now encroaches on another backyard of the historical depth: the server market dominated long date by the Intel x86 processors.

Qualcomm introduced last week a first prototype of its SoC for the server market as PCWorld reports. The chip made by Qualcomm based on ARM architecture and features 24 cores. This is already functional, but American society is discreet about the capabilities of its new SoC.

Qualcomm says nevertheless have already sent several prototypes to customers to conduct tests. The commercial offer is for the moment not yet dated, but it is likely not emerge until 2016.

A new heavyweight player

The founder also took advantage of the demonstration to formalize a partnership with Mellanox and Xilinx. Both companies will be responsible to provide network equipment and programmable logic circuits to complete the offer of Qualcomm.

Soc The server market is largely dominated by Intel and its x86 architecture, but several actors attempt to propose alternatives based on ARM. The main argument raised by these actors is especially the gain in terms of energy consumption, much lower same performance on ARM as on x86 architecture.

Intel still retains its leadership in the server market, but the arrival of a powerful player like Qualcomm, which seems determined to scale an investment on this activity.

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