Powercolor and Club3D makes official the Radeon HD 6870X2

Powercolor and Club3D both come to announce a unique new graphics card: Radeon HD 6870X2 one. As the name implies, they are equipped with two GPU Barts found on the Radeon HD6870.

The maps of the two manufacturers are relatively close and they have the same operating frequency: 900 MHz for both GPUs and 2100 MHz for 2×1 GB of GDDR5. For information, this is exactly the frequency recommended by AMD for the Radeon HD 6870.

Same goes for video outputs, the two graphics cards saying exactly the same as those available on an HD 6870 reference: two DVI (SL + DL), an HDMI 1.4a and twice mini DisplayPort.

The power supply is revised up against and two Radeon HD 6870X2 requires two 8-pin PCIe connectors, against two 6-pin connectors for the HD 6870. Club3D announces consumption of 70 watts at rest and less than 285 watts in load.

They do not have the same cons for cooling, but in both cases it consists of a radiator, multiple heatpipes and two fans. Damage against any indication of the noise level or the operating temperature is given.

Club3D Radeon HD 6870X2 two images on the left and right Powercolor

Finally, note that two Radeon HD 6870X2 will come with a coupon to download DiRT 3. Powercolor is the only announced the price (overseas) of its graphics card: $ 449 anyway. A relatively high price as the Radeon HD 6870 are available at less than € 140.


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