Phishing: Lexsi and Microsoft are combined with the platform Pharos

Phishing has the dimension: This social engineering technique is, by sending fraudulent e-mail or creating fake websites bearing the colors of a service or administration, to extract identifiers to victims think connect to the legitimate site. Simple, easy to automate, phishing attack is an increasingly common as highlighted in the figures of the platform: in 2015, the Phishing Initiative has identified more than 35,000 URLs deemed malicious.

The platform Phishing Initiative was launched by private companies (including Lexsi and Microsoft, but Google is also partner of the project), today announced a partnership with Pharos, the reporting platform set up by the ‘OCLCTIC (Central Office for the Fight against Crime related to Information and Communication Technologies.)

“This is a partnership that focuses on two main areas,” explains Jérôme Robert, group marketing manager Lexsi “On the one hand, the partnership will develop a data exchange: When a phishing site will be reported in Pharos, they will send us their information. Conversely, we also transmit the information we have, although our only device will not allow the opening of a complaint. On the other hand, we also hope to get some visibility through this partnership. ”

Fighting against phishing individuals

The platform Phishing Initiative is intended primarily to individuals and enables communication a deemed suspicious by URL the user. Once the transmitted URL, Lexsi experts to analyze the site to avoid possible false positives. If it is deemed malicious, it is sent to Microsoft and Google that can add to their blacklists of websites, with a warning to users trying to connect to it.

Blacklists that are shared by the major publishers of browser and thus help ensure greater security of Internet users. In parallel to this, Lexsi also undertakes to take steps to report the site and do close.

The service is entirely free for individuals who have been confronted or redirected to a malicious website. “Business It was noted that a lot had also use our service to report phishing attempts,” continues Robert Jerome “It does not bother us and we do not hear of limiting this. But it allows companies who wish to sponsor the initiative up to 5000 euros per year, and plans to offer additional services to enterprises, such as the ability to submit URLs mass for 1500 euros. ”

The effort will also enable the group Phishing Initiative to feed different reports on trends in the online cybercrime.

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