Philips Mini Shoqbox (BT2200)

The Shoqbox Mini Philips is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that complements a range of high quality portable audio products like the Shoqbox SB700. The Mini Shoqbox announced around 50 euros, is classified IPX6. It therefore resists light splashes and rain. The enclosure is provided with a plastic loop that can hang a strap.

Given its size, the ShoqBox Mini delivers impressive sound. It is both ample and clear thanks to an internal circuit that prevents distortion. You certainly did not sound to use for your next party, but it is a very good personal nomadic pregnant.


At first glance, the Philips Mini Shoqbox like a grenade. An opinion that can be discussed but which is due to its compact shape, oval and convoluted aspect of the guard.

The enclosure weighs 200 grams and measuring 107 x 58 x 69 mm. The materials employed exude strength. It equipped with rubber feet to place it horizontally and the control buttons are protected by the same material are placed on one end. At the other end, in a sealed protective cap, there is a mini headphone 3.5mm jack and a micro USB port.

The Shoqbox Mini (or BT2200) is equipped with two speakers 4 cm in diameter capable of delivering up to 2.8 watts of power. There are two options for connecting to an external source: an audio cable or a Bluetooth wireless link. The Philips loudspeaker is equipped with a microphone that allows you to make calls handsfree.

The only real complaint we would do the ShoqBox is no mini audio cable. Other models, such as JBL Clip, are supplied with a cable to be connected to devices that are not Bluetooth compatible.

The IPX6 standard means that speaker is not completely waterproof. It can cope with splashes at the edge of a pool and the rain. On its website, the manufacturer shows the Mini Shoqbox floating in a pool. But be very careful if you want to do the same because the IPX certification does not guarantee protection against flooding and the speaker may be permanently damaged if it gets wet.

We have placed Shoqbox Mini in a large container filled with water. It floats, but the audio quality is seriously impaired. Unless it a day goes under the IPX7 standard, we recommend using this chamber dry.


The Shoqbox Mini is able to restore sound at high volume without distortion with an internal circuit. This follows the music and keeps the signal in the power range of the amplifier. This technical trick implies that we will not receive all the nuances of a piece of music. But this is anecdotal and less unpleasant than the distortion.

The presence of two speakers is one of the strengths of this little Bluetooth speaker. They restore the sound very effectively in a closed environment. These two channels dramatically increase its scope and we perceive a real difference in volume compared to a single-channel speaker as the clip JBL.

As always with Bluetooth, it takes you signal degradation. The Bluetooth standard technology compresses music to transmit wirelessly between your phone and the speaker. The level of the bassesque Shoqbox Mini is able to deliver remains impressive. Subwoofer lacks, she manages to maintain a good balance between treble and bass without forcing one or the other.

We made him play jazz, soul, hip -hop and has returned all with excellent clarity at high volume.

Only autonomy rather just five hours playing in disfavor
Shoqbox the Mini. It is to accept the compromise to have a
as compact enclosure.

It is quite easy to get lost among all the Bluetooth speaker models that exist, especially when there is no clear winner if you base their choice solely on the quality sound. The Philips Mini Shoqbox (BT 2200) is an excellent compact loudspeaker with a design that is both robust and original.

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