Panasonic Lumix TZ100

The Lumix TZ100 occupies an intermediate position between the expert compact LX100 and the bridge FZ1000 offering a good compromise size, image quality and zoom. It will suit both family use and for trips and even photo enthusiasts frustrated by the small goals compact experts. At 699 euros, the TZ100 comes compete with Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV. It has the same sensor as the 1 inch FZ1000 but with a shorter lens (25-250mm f2.8-5.9) and a slower zoom (10x).It is through this that Panasonic was able to contain the dimensions to make the sensor compact one-inch equipped with the longest zoom. There are however a few counterparties: the goal is not great and the development not fast

The quality photo and video

. the bokeh of ZS100

Although it is not in the best devices to 1 inch sensor, the photo and video quality of the TZ100, which varies from very good to excellent, should satisfy most large number. Photographs taken in automatic mode are a little darker than manual which gives dense shadows, but overall the quality is at the rendezvous.

the depth of the zoom and the aperture are many in the result, in addition to the ISO sensitivity selected. The objective is not particularly clear with a level of distortion on more pronounced than average margins. In opening f4 to f8, photos tend to fade. It turns out that happens quite quickly to these openings: 50mm F4.1 to have already. This is the counterpart to have a 10x zoom. But the sacrifice is acceptable as long as it does not scan the images in full size.

The jpeg is very good under adequate lighting but degrade as soon as the decrease brightness. The artifacts in low light tend to be more pronounced than on devices with a more powerful lens. The color and exposure are however satisfactory.

Skip to raw provides better results in low light because we then avoid treating aggressive picture that applies Panasonic. The Ultra HD video quality is excellent although there is a video noise in low light.


The TZ100 is not slow and we did not miss a single photo because of the autofocus or felt shift in reading or changing because of image processing settings. There is one exception: if you activate the zoom mode memory that records the last position, it takes too long to be operational

In summary, this TZ100 is not very fast but still. not as slow as the PowerShot G5 X Canon. It needs 2.3 seconds to light, to the development and launch, which is average. It is very comfortable in good lighting conditions with 0.1 seconds to develop and trigger. But climbs to 0.6 seconds when the light downward. Count 0.6 seconds between two consecutive shots and 1.7 seconds when the flash is activated.

The burst mode is very efficient with 5.7 frames / second, which puts it at the Sony RX100 IV. At that speed, it can take more than 30 photos in jpeg with continuous autofocus. This is slower in raw with only 18 photos.
Like most cameras, let the camera select the focus point in full automatic mode is very frustrating because it is rarely wise. Even the multi-zone auto focus for selecting specific areas of groups is not very satisfactory.

Autofocus tracking is not really effective as well as image stabilization when one is telephoto. In Sport mode, the camera chooses from incorrect settings with a slow shutter speed.
Autonomy is given to 240 pictures using the viewfinder, but we have gone further than that. The viewfinder is small but comfortable, however there is little hard to follow in burst mode.

The design and functionality

The size of the case is really good despite the presence zoom. It fits comfortably in a jacket pocket and it’s a real pleasure to use. The ring on the lens is slightly more prominent than on other devices, but it is more comfortable. It manages various types of settings depending on how it is programmed.


Most controls are well thought out, easy to feel and manipulate and willing. However, we have two criticisms: the video recording button is difficult to maneuver and control knob on the viewfinder diopter is not firm enough and goes wrong very easily. It also regrets that the LCD screen does not rotate 180 ° as this device would lend itself to self-portraits. One can compensate for this by using the mobile application which is excellent.

We find the full range of Panasonic features with customizable filters, various Ultra HD modes to extract still images from videos. There is also a dedicated button for the Post Focus mode which is better exploited than previous devices.

mode Post Focus


If you want a higher quality than a smartphone or a compact without sacrificing the flexibility of a large zoom, the TZ100 will offer you the ideal combination of quality and capacity.

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