Open PC to the high performance computing open source

The full name of the initiative is ‘OpenHPC Collaborative Project’. Different actors are involved in this project, which was inspired by the strong industry demand for open source technologies. 97% of 500 HPC projects identified in the latest ranking Top 500 running on Linux. Cray, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Company, Intel, Lenovo, for businesses, but also the Spanish and American universities project stakeholders. The objective is to propose an architecture that combines “a software component comprising HPC components, tools and interconnections” says the Linux Foundation.

The primary mission of OpenHPC will create a stable tool, will improve reliability as the different versions will be published. But it is mainly the governance of the community and will be a major priority area. “The use of open source software is the heart of the HPC, but it lacks a unified community between different actors, universities, companies, software companies, computer manufacturers,” said Jim Zemlin, the Director of the Linux Foundation.

In contrast to Hadoop, HPC could offer effective solutions to the problems of Big Data. Especially if prices fall.

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