No Windows 10 Universal applications for Windows RT

Updating Windows RT 8.1, to be held in September will not allow the terminals running this OS, like tablets Surface RT and Surface 2, support universal applications developed for Windows 10.

Tablets Surface RT and Surface 2 and other tablets equipped with ARM processor can run applications designed for the RT, not universal applications,” has confirmed a Microsoft spokesman in ZDNet. com. He added: there are many applications running on RT, and users will be able to continue enjoying it.”
A “Windows baseexcluding sub RT terminals

The concept of universal applications is an important change introduced by Windows 10. These applications are able to detect the form factor of the machine, thus adapting to all screens, and work for all Windows 10 machines, through a Windows basecommon to different terminals. For this reason, Microsoft continues to encourage developers to embark on the design of universal apps.

Universal applications are still few compared to those available in RT, but with the ever increasing doubt using Windows 10, they should gradually invade the Windows Store unified.

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