Most ergonomic headphones for cosmonauts

For the designer Herald Ureña, the cosmonauts suffer during their missions because of their helmets are severely lacking ergonomics. He then presented a concept of headphones for NASA.

The design of the helmet is so focused on the concept of ergonomics and practicality. Herald Ureña said that the equipment of the cosmonaut must be more “human” and more in tune with the human anatomy so that it is more than an extension of the body shell or a mandatory charge. The helmet, called NASA Space Helmet has been designed for this purpose. Like any helmet worthy of its name, the accessory is equipped with headphones and microphone allowing the wearer to communicate with peers and the base. The advantage of NASA Space Helmet is the positioning of the latter. The headphones are directly embedded in the helmet and on the sides, in both ears while the microphone is in the middle, opposite the mouth. The helmet also has a second layer of glass and retractable sun visor.

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