Mobile Payment: LG enters the dance

After Apple, Google, Samsung, LG it is the turn to launch its house payment solution from a smartphone. The latter will be launched next month, and according to a spokesman for the group interviewed by the Korea Times: “we will sign agreements with the main banking companies in the country before officially launch our platform for mobile payments”

It is not yet know the name of the solution, nor its exact launch date, neither technology (NFC?) used. But the group will have to deal with his brother Samsung enemy has launched its solution for several months.

Limited to Korea?

remains to know the appetite for this type of mobile users solutions, manufacturers being very stingy numbers. It knows absolutely not the usual figures Pay Samsung or Apple … Pay only certainty Japanese and Korean mobile users are certainly the most fond of payment from a mobile. Moreover, it seems that LG wants initially confined to its home country. origin.

A survey by Opinion Way and Tilder after announcing the launch of Orange Cash shows that 81% of respondents do not intend to use the phone Mobile as payment, and , 45% of these are “not at all “ready to pay with their mobile and 36% say” mostly ” ready. Only 19% of respondents said they were ready to turn the corner, including 6% being “very” willing to use it. An appetizing enough thin.

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