Mobile Payment: authentication happens selfie

After the signing, code, or confirmation by SMS, the selfie could quickly become a way to verify the identity of an online buyer. Mastercard working on this project. The proliferation of mobile payments encourages industry players
innovating to provide secure yet practical tools, which
detract from the fluidity of the buying process.

“The new generation is fully in selfies” says CNN Ajay Bhalla, director of business development. “I think they will find it cool and they’ll plebiscite.”

Taking photo with his smartphone when paying for goods or an online service allow to identify with Mastercard integrated facial recognition technology in a mobile application that the client is indeed the owner of the account debited. An algorithm created from the photo would be posted to the MasterCard servers to authenticate the buyer.

One more way to authenticate

Mastercard however that the verification by selfie would be “another means” to ascertain the identity of the buyer. A digital fingerprint reading device is also embedded in the module. And to make sure that an attacker can use a photo of the phone owner after having robbed him, Mastercard mentions that selfie is actually a scan that detects blinking. It is they who could also validate the payment.

Mastercard account commence testing of this device in a few months with a panel of 500 customers. Two banks are already in line to allow their customers to use this device. Next smartphone, Apple, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are partners in the project.

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