Microsoft improved revenue results, but reportedly cutting jobs

Microsoft just announced a turnover of $ 20.3 billion, down 12% on a year, reported net profits up 2% to $ 4.6 billion.
Earnings per share (GAAP) of 0.57 dollars is meanwhile up 6%.

But the American giant would still have yet decided to degrease. According to the American channel CNBC, Microsoft will still remove a thousand jobs. No confirmation could be obtained immediately from the group.

This new social plan would be in addition to the 7800 job cuts announced in July, up 7% of its workforce, following impairments assets of 7.6 billion dollars (6.8 billion euros) related to its Nokia branch.

In July 2014, are 6,000 positions that go by the wayside, in October 2014, Microsoft confirmed to have conducted 3,000 additional layoffs as part of its plan to reduce staffing on 14% of its payroll is 18,000 employees. In 2009, the publisher had already cut 5,800 jobs worldwide.

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