Meizu Pro 6

The Meizu Pro 6 is much like an iPhone. And despite a respectable configuration, the Chinese brand is really too sought to make an Apple product for it to be a good Android smartphone. It is found Meizu Pro 6 on the Internet at around 430-450 euros.


We identified three major flaws. A very intuitive interface, an operating system that n has not been adapted to Western users and poor performance on video games despite the presence of a processor 10 to heart. Even more troublesome is the lack of a back button replaced with a swipe gesture to make on the surface of the home button. One can also use the virtual button on the screen to navigate between applications. Both systems work, but are a bit weird to use. And that’s when we realize how important the back button on Android.

The Meizu Pro 6 is provided with a custom interface called FlyMe 5.6 which is a modified version of Android 6.0 . It was designed to look like iOS with almost identical lock screen and, as is typical of Chinese phones, no drawer storage for applications. This means that applications are spread over as many home screens as necessary. However, unlike iOS, you can add widgets.

The FlyMe interface works quite well, but it was designed for the Chinese market. Notifications are Chinese, even if you opt for English as the default language. Google services are absent, including the Play Store. We can fix this by installing the Play Store and an application launcher. But those who want a phone ready for use will be disappointed.

But one of the main shortcomings of this model concerns its poor performance for video games. It ranked in the bottom of the table on our test bench and a 3D game like Sonic Dash was not enough fluid.


In use, navigating the interface is rather fluid through MediaTek processor and ten hearts. To the test Geekbench, he even beat Samsung Galaxy S7. And although he is really looking too to look like an iPhone, he deserves credit for the quality of manufacturing an Apple product. Its metal chassis provides excellent personable when held in hand and it is only 0.2 mm thick more than the iPhone 6s. Some details distinguish the smartphone at the apple: the rear camera location which is centered, the oval-shaped home button and the antenna that lines the shell. We can salute the performance of Meizu, which offers a powerful phone with a high level of finish to a very competitive price.


The screen of the Pro 6 is sharp and bright. Its camera is performing in good light conditions but is less comfortable when these conditions deteriorate. One can take GIF images, which is a valuable option. However, autonomy is a fair bit with 9:40 minutes on our video playback test loop (airplane mode enabled).

As for positives, note the effectiveness of the fingerprint reader and the presence of a USB port-C. The monitor is compatible with 3D technology Press (equivalent 3D Touch Apple), but it only works with the native applications of the OS FlyMe like calendar and mapping.


The Meizu Pro 6 is not a bad phone. It offers a solid configuration for an affordable price. But it is served by the unintuitive interface, the lack of Google services and its tendency to want to look like an iPhone. If you need a nice cheap phone, look at the side of the Xiaomi Mi 5 or OnePlus X.

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