Mefisto Kettle, tripod that warms the cup

The designer Daan Ballieu just imagine a concept device that can heat water, a drink or soup, so rather easily. Kettle named Mefisto, the device looks like a tripod.

Mefisto Kettle works like a kettle, it suffices for the user to insert a foot of the device into the vessel containing the liquid to be heated. With three tripods, Mefisto Kettle can heat the liquid in two different containers at one time. Indeed, the third leg is not heated, it loads the battery power of the device. A power supply for recharging the battery is also located at the foot. In addition, Mefisto kettle also includes sensors that can calculate not only the volume of water but also the temperature of the liquid to be heated. Each leg has independent sensors. It is therefore possible to heat both liquids simultaneously but differently.

This device is currently at the stage of concept. Mefisto Kettle was designed for the manufacturer Electrolux.

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