M-Disc, a DVD that lasts 1000 years!

It is no secret to anyone, burned CDs and DVDs do not have a very long life. An American company may have come to change all that.
To achieve these results, manufacturers are testing: the discs are placed in boxes superheated under high humidity. Temperature and humidity are the stressors most harmful to an optical disc. The tests are finished! The acidity of the fingers, scratches caused by handling, chemical vapor in the air, cigarette smoke … none of this is taken into account. That is why according to some tests, 15% of CD-R unreadable after only three years. Longevity also depends on the quality of the disc, the recorder, player and method of preservation.

It does not mean Blu-Ray because the technology is still too young. Impossible to know for now exactly what is the life of the blue disks. Like its tracks are thinner, the vulnerability is greater, but there is no organic matter in it, stability is increased …

Millenniata a U.S. company, has partnered with the Korean giant LG to create a medium to long longevity: M-Disc. It has the same capacity as DVD (4.7 GB) and can be read by any type of DVD player. However, its life is estimated at 1000 years! Yes, yes, a thousand years!
Unlike other drives, the M-Disc does not use organic materials. The laser engraver is a real hole in the layer of the disc while in the case of other disks, etching is performed on a layer of dye and not the disk itself. This causes degradation.

The company also posted a video where you can see an M-Disc withstand boiling water at 80 ° and liquid nitrogen at -180 °.

The storage capacity may seem small at a time when we have Blu-Ray 25 GB hard drives of several TB, but the company warned that it would develop higher densities in the future.

If you are interested in M-Ready technology, you can register on the site Millenniata to receive an email warning you of the availability of the burner LG Super-Multi Drive. The discs are announced at $ 3 each.

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