Lenovo Tab2 A10-70

The screen quality and price are two key elements for the purchase of a tablet. The high-end models equipped with HD displays high quality abound. But the tablets that combine excellent screens and an affordable price are almost nonexistent. That is why the Lenovo Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 with its 1920 x 1200 pixels is an exception.

lenovo Tab A10

The price in France is around 180 euros on the Internet for this 10-inch tablet that shows levels of specifications and performance means, except in one area: its screen. It was there, one of the most affordable options to enjoy a full HD display which comes with the added bonus of a Dolby sound system performance. But apart from that, everything else appears more classic. The design lacks finesse and weight make prolonged use uncomfortable. The performance is just average, enough to surf the Web or read his emails but not at all when it comes to downloading applications or playing demanding games graphically.


If you have never held a tablet in hand Air iPad 2 or S2 Galaxy Tab Samsung, you probably do not notice how the Tab 2 A10 heavy, although it is something quite common on entry-level tablets. The back of the device sports a matte finish night with blue plastic grid speakers that spans the entire width with the picture Module / video as a separator. The edges are flat and comfortable to fingers. They house the power buttons, volume, headphone jack and the micro USB port and the slot for micro SD card.

lenovo Tab A10

Its 499 grams is experience during prolonged use. After a while, we began to constantly changing hand position. Accentuated by the rounded corners embarrassment but still a bit sharp that eventually dig the palms. This is a problem that is common on the shelves of this category, but we do not feel so as pronounced on a model like Galaxy Tab A (9.7 “) . It is in any case quite boring soon as this tablet is used, moreover nice, for several hours.


The Lenovo A10 Tab 2 runs on virtually pure Version 5 with Android, unlike previous models, bar application for easy navigation. preinstalled Lenovo has its own software, like its browser, applications for contacts and calendar and SyncIt and ShareIt. SyncIt synchronizes contacts and back up or restore its SD memory card. ShareIt can share documents with other tablet, computer or phone. Neither one is indispensable, but they may prove practical for beginners.

lenovo Tab A10


Under the hood of the Lenovo A10 Tab 2, are a quadruple heart SoC Mediatek MT8165 1.7GHz, 16GB of internal storage that can be extended via a Micro SD card, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n and an accelerometer.


The Tab 2 A10 s’ doing very well for common tasks: email, social networks, video playback. It is not very quick but fluid. However, it significantly slows down when downloading applications, which is valid for a large number of tablets.



Longer bars indicate better performance.



The Longer bars indicate better performance.



The Longer bars indicate better performance.

Simple games like Angry Birds or Crush Candy turn without difficulty. But the larger and demanding games take time to download, install and is charging. If there are no applications running in the background, the gameplay remains fluid. It is best output on gaming benchmarks the Galaxy Tab A (9.7 “). The Lenovo tablet is just behind the Fire HD 10 from Amazon. For games that require the use of two inches The weight of the tablet was quickly felt. But overall, the gaming performance did not disappoint.

The definition of 1920 x 1200 pixels is not what the best on a tablet, but it is remarkable contrast for a model of this award. HD videos are clear and have many details. The colors are true, sufficiently saturated to provide a beautiful image. In comparison, Fire screen HD10 is dull and lacks sharpness. The black levels of the Tab 2 A10 are also better than those of the competition.

lenovo Tab A10

The sound is usually the forte of tablets, but this exception. The two speakers placed at the rear and separated by the photo sensor exploiting the Dolby technology. Given the location, the sound tends to go backwards and not towards the ears. But the performance is good if one uses the Dolby preinstalled application. You can play with the settings to fine tune the sound to use: movies, music, games … The Dolby Atmos technology fulfills its role by producing clear and immersive effects in movies and games. For music, it accentuates the voice but the sound lacks bass.

The pair of cameras that equips the Lenovo A10 Tab 2 rather proves good for a tablet. The rear 8-megapixel sensor takes sharp pictures with faithful colors. He is able to make a precise focus on an object or to capture distant scenes. For lovers of self-portraits, the front camera of 5 megapixels and takes good shots, except in bright light conditions where the faded colors stand out.

for autonomy, we read in a loop 720p video with brightness in middle position and airplane mode enabled. It held 13 hours, which is impressive given the screen size.

lenovo Tab A10

From experience, a tablet that sacrifices performance and design on the altar of price is often unsavory. That said, Lenovo A10 Tab 2 is an exception thanks to its Full HD screen. The Amazon Fire HD 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (9.7 “) are the main rivals of the Tab 2 Lenovo A10. The Amazon tablet is also a good tablet. It offers good sound and exceeds the Tab 2 A10 terms of performance on video games, but the quality of the screen is not at that of Lenovo. The Galaxy Tab A (9.7 “) surpasses its two rivals in design. It is fine, light with a successful aesthetic, but the screen 4: 3 is less suited to movies than the Lenovo and Amazon. Its definition also turns out lower than the Tab 2 A10 while it is more expensive, which is a bit hard to swallow even if it is more attractive.

Without its Full HD screen, Lenovo tablet would be only affordable model with average performance and design without interest. But through it and its powerful speakers, it becomes a very attractive option, especially for watching videos.

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