Lenovo Phab 2 Pro: 1 operator Tango smartphone Google

 Measure of a room size, recognize objects, be guided step by step inside a building or a map location in 3D. Here, inter, that we can do with Phab 2 Pro presented yesterday by Lenovo. This is the first co-developed smartphone with Google around technology to Tango Project.

Through a motion sensor, a depth of two cameras, which provided a fish-eye lens, the device can scan in real time 3D environment and view actually increased information on its screen 6.4 inches.

Lenovo says that “Tango is based on three main technologies:. Tracking the movement, perception of depth and area tracking By tracking the movements, the” eye “PHAB2 the Pro has a 3D perception of its own location. the identification area shows the smartphone where it is, as for the perception of depth, it allows him to analyze the shape of its environment through detection surfaces and obstacles. ”

Lenovo and Google boast new uses, both practical

Fun: simulate a room decoration, information on work of art in a museum, play a video game using elements.

“Basically, we wanted to turn an extraordinary concept into a viable mobile device from a commercial point of view,” said Jeff Meredith, vice president and general manager of the division Android and Chrome Computing Lenovo. “As soon as we discovered Tango, we knew this technology could become as ubiquitous as that of GPS. For PHAB2 Pro brand really a break, however we have developed at an affordable price for consumers. More than a vanguard unit, it is a fantastic full smartphone, the first of its kind on the market. ”

” With Tango, the camera captures space and movements to change the way we interact with our environment. We believe that this technology is likely to become widespread so we are pleased that PHAB2 Pro introduces new capabilities and make each more useful smartphone, “says Johnny Lee, technical manager at Google.

Lenovo co-financed the development of operator applications 8 the capabilities of their smartphones while Google says that a hundred Tango applications are already available in the app store dedicated. The Phab 2 Pro will be on sale in September and costs 499 euros. (Eureka Press)

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