ITT Corp. imagine the equipment of the soldier of tomorrow

SCENIC after the project of DARPA, the concept of ITT Corp. said in a little more about the future equipment of soldiers. Indeed, it seems that tomorrow’s military arm themselves with the latest technology to be more effective.

The concept in question concerns a resolutely high-tech mask for the soldiers. Night vision, remote connection with a permanent computer database and augmented reality are among the main features of this mask. First, the device allows the wearer to see at night without any apparent source of light. It can also detect a presence through its infrared sensors. With Internet connection, the equipment provides access to a database that allows the soldier to know all the details that are necessary for a person or a device in his field of vision. The mask is equipped with facial recognition and augmented reality, information is displayed on the screen and overlap with what the soldier looks. Images, the equipment seems quite cumbersome, a detail that should be set with time.

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