iPhone with a week of autonomy with hydrogen

Dreaming of a smartphone with a battery life of a week? It does exist thanks to a British company specializing in the design of fuel cells. This system can power a battery by burning hydrogen.

Known as one possible paths the future of energy, technology remained until now difficult to integrate into handheld devices because of its size. But in the prototype that the Telegraph has seen (there are none photo), the iPhone 6 Plus that has exactly the same appearance as the original model.

The iPhone 6 Plus has however been fundamentally changed in its hull. In addition to the lithium-ion battery that already exists, the Intelligent Energy engineers have managed to find room for the hydrogen tank.

Space is of course already optimized by Apple, this maneuver condemns the headphone jack. It is now used to recharge the hydrogen tank. The company is now in the process of estimating the price that could cost the hydrogen cartridges. Intelligent Energy was also a call to Apple foot to propose to incorporate the serial system in its iPhone. The British company is still awaiting a response from the Californian giant.

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