iOptiks, contact lenses to display 3D

A year ago, researchers at Washington University have embarked on a project to produce a contact lens acting as a screen in the eye. The U.S. firm Innovega gets stuck in turn.

Through its project iOptiks, the company aims to make multimedia contact lenses for the U.S. Army. Lenses iOptiks project 3D images on the iris. Thus, the soldier will be able to view digital information or a full briefing of the mission. The projected display that simulates a 240-inch 3D screen placed 3 meters of the individual. The user then receives a fairly clear picture. It will have the opportunity to choose between an opaque screen or a translucent screen. The lenses can be connected to smartphones, tablets and even video-game consoles.

The project is in collaboration with iOptiks DARPA, a research agency that specializes in military equipment. Innovega announced that these eye shields will be ready in two years.

Useful links: 3d pictures

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