Intel is a place in the watch connected Tag Heuer

In many cases, connected the watch is as an extension of smartphones and not as a separate object. And
if this choice was a strategic mistake? Some like Pebble bet
dissociated watches on the smartphone and above as autonomous …
real watches. With the opportunities and interactions may
narrower than the Apple Watch but most useful? Others say
Smartphone must be connected to the service of shows, not
Conversely, as is the case today too.

In the world cozy luxury Swiss watches, the question is in any case clearly stated and it seems clear that watchmakers choose before all highlight their expertise. The sector does not hear let the check from the connected watch, it would be a grave economic mistake, but he intends to exploit its culture.

This is the angle of attack of the watchmaker Breitling, specialist equipment able to destination aeronautics, which introduced the B55 model Connected, a watch attached to a pilot.

Even choice for which TAG Heuer has unveiled its model, luxury course, the TAG Heuer Connected. The subsidiary of LVMH clearly aims Apple Watch the luxury version: 46mm round case, noble materials (titanium, sapphire), IP56 certification, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, all led by Android Wear, and this is a first, an Intel processor.

If the founder has largely missed the turn of smartphones, it does not intend to miss it connected objects. Its third quarter results show that the connected objects division climbed 10% to $ 581 million: good growth, even if the activity is still minor compared to other activities

But one may wonder about the choice of an Atom chip for smartphones thought as the giant offers SoC dedicated to this type of object. However, Intel has not only examined the engine but also on the screen composed of three layers possible in particular to be more energy efficient. Autonomy announced is 18 to 20 hours.

The connected shows will be offered from 1350 euros.

In short, the watch industry Luxury intends to play it both ways: to ride the wave of watches connected without denying its heritage. This is perhaps the road to success facing newcomers as manufacturers smartphones that have no watch culture: a connected shows must above all be a watch …

And Samsung, HTC and Huawei are beginning to understand it. After much press on connected smartwatch their functions, they prefer now speak of “respect for watchmaking values” for their products. And this is not trivial.

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