Hacking: Uber suspect CTO Lyft

Uber and Lyft continue to pull in the legs. The two competing companies engaged for several months a fierce war mutually poaching employees or playing kick canceled orders to paralyze the competitor car booking system. In 2014, Uber was a victim of hacking scale: the names and license plates of 50,000 of its drivers had indeed been stolen by cybercriminals.

Since the announcement of this piracy, made in 2015 Uber, the investigation is ongoing, but investigators hired by Uber have found links between the attacker and the main competitor ‘Uber, Lyft the service.

Small hacks friends

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the investigation, explained that piracy suffered by Uber is linked very closely to the current CTO Lyft. The information published initially by Reuters aroused from Lyft a formal denial: “We have investigated this possibility long ago and there is no evidence or indication suggesting that an employee of lyft or our CTO, are linked to data piracy experienced by Uber in May 2014, “said the spokesman of the company.

The striker, linked to Lyft or not, would have had access to the Uber database by using a security key accidentally posted by Uber employed on Github page of the company in March 2014. judicial, Uber managed to get the IP address list for visitors to the offending page.

Among these identifiers, one of them affiliated with the Comcast operator. Comcast has not confirmed the identity of the user with this IP address, but investigators say it is related to the CTO Lyft, which could implicate in the data theft.

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