Google Street View can also go into the water

Google is preparing to plunge the Street View cameras in the Pacific Ocean to photograph the Great Barrier Reef. 2300 km long, it will deliver major sites to twenty photographs of Google. The Seaview Project Catlin Survey, it is called, will begin in September. The Google team will use a device specifically designed for adventure, SVII Camera, a sort of submarine boarding the same objective as the Google Car. It is here at the head of the unit and is also able to take pictures at 360 °. Between 4 and 6 shots will be taken every second. SVII The Camera will move at 4 km / h during its trip to the reef. Originally, the project Seaview Survey Catlin left the University of Queensland. Its researchers expect Google’s mission come forward to provide photographs to identify different species of coral and fish found in the Great Barrier Reef. To establish this census, they will resort to an image recognition software. Further, the submarine Google will analyze the behavior of animals underwater by measuring their positions in real time and water temperature. Such data would determine the impact of global warming on the migratory behavior of marine life. The images of the expedition will be subsequently available on Google Street View. After taking a picture of the world’s roads, Google has entered the building, went to Antarctica, the Alps and even cycling in the Amazon.


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