Google Maps: rewards for contributors that enhance the implementation

Google Maps mapping and guiding the most used in the world but it is not free of approximations and errors. The final pellet combining query ‘Daesh’ to addresses in Paris (where took place the heinous attacks on Friday) is the clear proof.

To avoid such incidents result in stopping the credibility of the application, Google decided to motivate contributors surfers. These can already alert Google on error or failure (in a place, a business, a point of interest …). Now, more motivated will be “rewarded.”


Translation, a points system leading to privileges will be implemented within Local Guides by the motor research, but there will be no financial reward. It is therefore of “gamifier” contributions to make them more numerous.

Customers enrolled in Local guides will earn points if they update a photograph of a public place, s they put online a new location is not listed, if they correct erroneous information or if they give their opinion on a place.

The rewards vary depending on the number of points accumulated. Between 0-5 points the user will subscribe to a newsletter on the data reported by the “local guides” and may attend sessions dedicated on Google Hangouts. Between 5 and 50 points, will receive priority to test new products and features introduced by Google.

Between 50 and 200 points, will participate in a community dedicated on Google+, become a moderator of local forums and be invited to events organized in selected cities. Between 200 and 500 points, the user will receive a Drive to 1TB and will receive an annual gift. Beyond 500 points, it can test new Google products prior to public release and may participate in meetings reserved for utilsateurs having exceeded the threshold of 500 points.

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