Google Maps: a fee to use the interface

Some developers will soon have to pay a fee to use the interface of Google Maps. Google has announced plans to charge users of its API beyond a certain number of requests per month. The programming interface of Google Maps provides third-party developers to use the service in their applications (such as the Maps application in iOS). So far free use will be limited 25 000 queries per day. Once this threshold is exceeded, it will cost $ 4 per pack of 1000 queries. As indicated in the table of prices, prices vary depending on the features used. For services with high traffic, it will be worth while to take out an account Maps API Premier to 10,000 dollars a year.

. Paying for only 0.35% of customers.

Google states that these provisions will allow the vast majority of customers continue to have the interface to Maps and equivalent quality of service for free. According to Google, only 0.35% of them will have to pay to use the API. If this decision may seem trivial, it is also indicative of the group’s new direction since the return of Larry Page at the controls: stop secondary services and research in economics. Remains to be seen if customers prefer using Maps offers turn to Bing from Microsoft.

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