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Google +: do you have 150 friends?

If the answer is yes, then this news is for you. If not … it is too.

On 24 July, ComScore reported that 25 million people have registered on the social network by Google. It took three years to Facebook to reach that figure. Two weeks later, we should therefore be approximately 40 million. These figures are even more impressive that the only way to register on Google + is to have an invitation.

Recently, Google has changed the settings so that users invite friends. It is now possible with just one click to invite 150 people! To do this, you have to go on his profile Google + and in the right column, below the suggestions, is the button to “Invite Friends” that leads to a choice of return email addresses one by one or a link to share.

As this is a link, of course it’s possible to share it on Facebook for example. Some will like, others not. Is it near the end of the system of invitations?

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