Google defends its new privacy policy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Google ensures that its changes from Wednesday to its policy of protection of privacy does not affect the user control how their personal data is collected and used.

Particular group on which the search engine the same name, the messaging service Gmail, the video sharing service YouTube and social network  Google+ announced that it harmonises its privacy policy last week, so that it had previously 60 separate regulations in this area.

With the entry into force of this unique new charter, the information gathered through most Google products and services will be handled centrally, forming a “treasure” in which the group of Mountain View, California particular could draw upon to provide targeted ads, for example.

Google, in a message posted on its blog, indicating that this unique and concise charter will improve the use of its services by offering a “seamless experience” to users, facilitating navigation between its products and improving customization.

The previous regulations specific to each service have allowed the sharing of information between Google products for a user identified, but their use will now be “simpler, more concise,” wrote Pablo Chavez, one of the leaders of the group in a letter dated designed to address the concerns of  U.S. lawmakers on Monday.

For example,  a user who opened the session will be offered open when cooking videos YouTube after searching for recipes in the search engine Google.

Pablo Chavez, who added that various Google services can still be used without prior identification, also states that “update our privacy policy does not allow the collection of new information or that additional data on users’ our services.

In addition, the management tools of personal data are kept: users can still edit the information stored in their account, change their preferences in terms of personalized advertising and control how their data is collected and used.

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