Google Chrome finally hacked

Google Chrome is no longer invincible. For the first, a hacker managed to circumvent its protections to take control of the computer it was installed. This performance took place in a contest organized by Google itself. Within minutes, the Russian student Sergey Glazunov managed to bypass the sandbox (security mechanism insulating the browser operating system) of Chrome. According to Google this system can in theory “to prevent installation of malware on your computer or any interaction between the different tabs.” Instead of spending strength as had tried many hackers before him, Glazunov was able to circumvent the mechanism and eventually exploit two vulnerabilities Chrome.

. Another hack by a French team.

Justin Schuh, responsible for Browser Security told ZDNet that he was “impressed” by the performance of Russian, which could well be “what he wanted” on the machine in question. For its part, Sundar Pichai, director of the division at Google Chrome has ensured that the flaw would be corrected as soon as possible, which seems to have been done last night. Besides the prestige of being the first to crack Chrome, Sergey Glazunov also restarts the competition called Pwnium with the sum of 60,000 dollars. Another competition which took place this week, Pwn2Own, also saw the French team VUPEN circumvent the protections of Chrome. But the team will have no right to check from the California company since it has chosen not to publicly reveal the flaws in question prefers and even sell them. An approach that does not visibly amused Google.

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