Google: a connected intraocular lens patent

Connected lenses seem to be a matter of substance X in the labs of Google. In 2014, Novartis announced that its Alcon subsidiary signed an agreement with Google in this area.Google has indeed presented a prototype lens intelligent contact (dubbed ‘Smart Contacts’) aimed at
diabetics. Equipped with miniaturized microprocessors (not on a PCB but between two flexible layers “biocompatible”) and connected, they must allow to monitor changes in blood sugar second per second by analyzing the content of tears. De
what to avoid for diabetics to prick the finger several times
day to this monitoring. In parallel, Google said tested on men with a second prototype corrective lenses for presbyopia, unable to read
from close.Equipped with mini-sensors, these lenses are designed to adapt
constantly vision depending on the ambient light to allow
to see near and far.

Today, the engine seems to go even further. A patent discovered by Forbes describes an intraocular lens that is directly grafted onto the patient’s eye.

This is according to the Google document to replace the natural lens of the eye to correct view but not only since the device would also be able to embed sensors, a battery and a radio component to communicate. Of true science fiction.

Recall that Samsung has also filed a patent connected lenses. The device would be connected to a smartphone may incorporate a camera and allow to display captured images directly on the lens, itself bonded onto the retina of the user.

Obviously, nothing says that this patent (or that of Google) will one day be exploited but it illustrates the willingness of giants of information technology to diversify opportunities of use.

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