Glasses that mimic the sun to avoid depression

SEQINETIC glasses feature 6 powerful LEDs and a reflector. In fact, sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun but the glasses in question here are the exact opposite. They spread of light to simulate the sun with six LEDs and can overcome seasonal affective disorder at a time when natural light is virtually absent. SEQINETIC poses no danger to the eyes because the light that it does not diffuse UV radiation and its intensity is lower. Next appearance, SEQINETIC does not look like the usual glasses. The lenses are up to the eyebrows and not to the eyeballs. It would suffice, according to its designers, to wear them 30 minutes to attack the day with a good mood.

SEQINETIC is currently a concept. The project was presented on the kickstarter. The glasses were designed by Lasse, Christian and Soren Jensen.

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