Ford Evos: a first draft of smart car

The concept is called Evos. Evos is according to its designers a car capable of intelligent self-adjust as situations in order to put the driver in the best possible conditions. Permanently connected to the Internet, Evos uses the cloud as a support for its database. Externally, Evos shows a modern and elegant design. It has the look of a sports car quite stylish. All four doors open up (open throttle). Hybrid is equipped with both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. Its intelligent system to store the preferences of the driver, his usual route and personal settings. Depending on the weather online and the quality of the road, it sets the suspension or brakes for more convenience. Ford Evos has adjustable sports seats and comfortable. The front seats embark touch screens to entertain passengers in the rear.

For allergy sufferers, the vehicle has sensors and filters involved in the air. Best of all, after choosing a destination, the vehicle is able to offer the routes for the health of passengers.

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