Flash: Facebook calls for euthanasia

The cardboard security Flash plug-in and its almost daily updates amuse anyone. While Google has finally decided to do without for YouTube, the Mozilla Foundation takes the same Shumway way through a technology to play a video in the browser without adding plug-in, inevitably vulnerable.

Today is Facebook which is expressed to tell all the evil he thinks of the Adobe tool. And claim the faster euthanasia. In a tweet, Alex Stamos, the new head of security of the social network, it requires Adobe shorten the suffering of its plug-in. “It’s time for Adobe to announce a date of death and ensure that browsers apply this killing that day,” he asserts.

By setting a clear perspective, Adobe could thus give a perspective to developers and website editor to finally prepare the transition to HTML5 particular.

On Tuesday, Adobe has also posted an umpteenth update Flash ( ) that corrects the flaws identified in the latest plug-in.

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