Failure smartphone: count just over 90 euros for repair

We already knew the five major causes of failure of smartphones, UFC Que Choisir has looked at what happens after. The consumer association has indeed conduct a survey of 1,704 people who have experienced such concern during the past 12 months to understand how unfolded repairs of mobile phones. Because in 77% of cases, the reason for the failure is not covered by a warranty.

First disturbing information: 24% of phones that have a problem are never actually repaired, or because the failure is final, either because troubleshooting has not been performed correctly (less sensitive touchscreen as poorly repaired, visible dust, battery no longer holds water, etc.). And as for the oxidation event (spilled water on it, the phone fell into the toilet or a pool), only one in four smartphone manages to get away without sequelae (the repair is also never guarantee).

The physical stores and an invoice acclaimed slightly above the 90 euros

The association then specifies the cause of the problem: the broken screen comes well ahead (69% of the cases cited in half of them, this is purely of the glass, the less often it has LCD also suffered) followed by a failing battery life (16%) and, to a much lesser extent, a failure of a physical button.

Repair side, the investigation of the UFC Que Choisir highlights the store response speed (61 minutes) with services offered online (13 day wait). Moreover, 85% of respondents preferred to use a physical shop rather than repair their device via an online service. It must be said that the average price of the operation is substantially similar (94 euros against 91 euros in the shop on the Net). However, the online advice to help choose the right place (50% of cases), as well as word-of-mouth (25%). And for added security, 46% opt for an authorized servicer.

One in five people prefer to repair themselves

Note however that 21% of people prefer to repair the fault themselves. An economic issue but concerns only the relatively simple failures, such as replacing a battery or a simple glass. Kits are sold online and many video tutorials available on the Web. Must still be a little careful.

Finally, the consumer association lists the most cited brands in the context of this investigation. Samsung and Apple come far ahead. Not that they necessarily fail more often than other brands, but because it is the most expensive smartphones and whose repair issue is more important. If 8% of people relegate their smartphone in a drawer or throw it without trying to save him when they get stranded, ordinary people who often paid dearly to afford an iPhone (32% of cases) or a Samsung model (39%) will attempt a repair prior to mourn. Behind Nokia, the French brand Wiko Sony and close the top 5 most smartphones repaired.


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