Facebook: mobile phone with the code name of Buffy

Facebook will have its good social phone. The network has chosen HTC to build the Facebook Phone for now named Buffy. AllThingsD is the technology blog of the Wall Street Journal, who says Facebook could eventually abandoned Samsung and HTC chose to build a phone that will be marketed under its own brand. The manufacturer to incorporate a modified version of Android in depth to enable the integration features of the social network at all levels. According to sources close to the project, it will also support HTML5 to run dedicated applications. Design undertaken by Bret Taylor, technical director of Facebook in person. Interviewed by the authors of the article, a Facebook spokesman declined to comment directly about Buffy by containing only confirm that the strategy of Facebook is to be present on all mobile: “We believe that every mobile phone is best if it is deeply social. “HTC has also declined to comment.

. Against Google + and Twitter.

The choice is no accident HTC, the Taiwanese manufacturer already markets two phones very focused on integrating Facebook a social network dedicated key: the Salsa and ChaCha. The mobile sector is critical to Facebook which already has 350 million mobile users on the total of 800 million subscribers. The goal is not to be left behind on the sector by Google and Twitter. The first Android has a powerful lever to force Google + while Twitter has become the preferred partner of Apple and figure prominently in iOS 5. The Buffy expected to be available within 12 to 18 months.

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