Facebook lets (finally) hand on the composition of the Newsfeed

It is here that are the publications of your friends and pages you said you are “fans”. In the early days of the social network, the average number of friends and the number of pages followed on average remained relatively small.

Facebook then had no trouble introduce relevant content. Gradually, things become more complex. On the one hand the nature of publications has diversified with a much larger share for photos and more recently videos. On the other, the average number of friends and the number of pages increased followed.


Algo galore

Traditionally, an algorithm calculates the relevance of different post (the EdgeRank) and decides to display such a picture before such a video, or such a link before such status. This is one of the best kept secrets of Facebook, and in some ways, the nightmare marketers looking to place their Newsfeed head of publications of the majority in order to attract attention (and clicks ) to their brand universe.

In recent years Facebook has repeatedly changed its algorithm, causing “a game of cat and mouse.” One time, it was common knowledge that the pictures were preferred by the algorithm which made them benefit from better visibility in Newsfeeds. All trademarks are then made to publish more pictures … More recently, the same phenomenon occurred with the video. Even consequence brands posting more videos … The “reach” or organic range is the ultimate grail, but now impossible to hit 100% of his fans this way. This is what marketers that Facebook sells: contact points. Those in your own community, affinity, and those who go beyond this community, through yet unrivaled targeting capabilities. The good old direct marketing, revisited and modernized. Nothing more, nothing less.

The story is beautiful and could have lasted a little longer, but here goes. Constantly, the community grows, users constantly have new friends (as “Facebook” of the term at least), they constantly follow the news of new pages. So the algorithm, at least in its current form is starting to show its limits. Consequence: the user launches Facebook and there is more content that interesting


This is precisely the greatest danger for Facebook: disaffection. If Facebook becomes useless (or not so useful), why go back several times a day (per hour for some …)? For users, another mechanism kicks in, more psychological. It has grown in recent years. The Americans call the “FOMO” or Fear Of Missing Out . It refers to the fear users miss something interesting being temporarily absent from the platform. Facebook has long offers a feature to receive notifications each time a friend or a friend page someting, but this can quickly become too intrusive. In short: too many notifications kill the notification …

The Crab with the Golden Claws

To overcome this problem, Facebook has first tried to segment the Newsfeed. A vain attempt that never really attracted users, reluctant to zap between four or more different Newsfeeds (all mixed, friends only, photos only, etc …).


The social network has decided to give (some) power to the user, only real way to ensure that it continues his fidelity.

It is now possible, via a new menu entry in the mobile application and Web version (this will be also automatically suggested) to access customization Newsfeed. Thus, declaratively, you specify what to Facebook friends and what pages are most important to you and you want to see the priority publications.

Simple, effective, as summarized in this official video:

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