Exchange: the course of Twitter destabilized by a blade copy of Bloomberg

We knew the volatile stock market, but we can only advise to check information. Tuesday at 18 hours appeared a site at which repeated in all respects to the famous British financial news agency interface. The fake site announced in a bid for the Twitter social network from Google. A bid equal to, the fake site at $ 31 billion.

The practice is not new and does not require special skills to be developed. Tools used to easily edit a page of a site but it is also easy to notice the scam.

This however is enough to influence the course of action Twitter Nasdaq, which has suddenly gained 8.5% in the late afternoon yesterday (colossal increase) to reach a valuation of 38 82 dollars before returning to its normal course of a few minutes after 36.91 dollars.

False info, true reaction

The episode is surprising in more ways than one: if the fake site was actually quite well done overall, some errors in Article (Costello instead Costello, CEO of Twitter) could suggest a fake. The website address, could also raise doubts, it does not match any of the British group publications.

The holder of the domain name is unknown, has been allocated to an address located in Panama and the user behind the domain conceals its identity behind a proxy, Inc. WhoisGuard Journalist Matt Levine Bloomberg says elsewhere “jaded” against this phenomenon and strongly suspect Twitter users have unwittingly contributed to the emergence of the fake site to play with the market price of the bluebird.

The effect of the false announcement on the markets seen since the Bloomberg indicators

quickly denied, misinformation has fizzled but many observers note that many exchanges took place during this brief episode. The share price of Twitter is facing a decline since the publication of its first quarter results and has since lost nearly a third of its value. The surge caused by the false announcement could therefore allow some to sell at good prices Twitter share but for now, no solid track can be further advanced.

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