Eccerobot: The Humanoid Robot With Muscles

Engineers specializing in robotics persist in their research to create the ultimate humanoid. Among the most interesting current projects include the prototype Eccerobot.

Eccerobot was born through the collaboration of the University of Sussex and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Zurich. The idea was to explore “a new path robotics” to achieve a humanoid with a structure identical to the human body. Eccerobot has a skeleton made ​​of thermoplastic, joints and especially artificial muscles driven by electric motors. Its movements are more “human”. It is capable of performing complex movements by absorbing and storing energy in its muscles. At its head it has a webcam and microphone which respectively act as eyes and ears.

Remains to make the legs of Eccerobot and cover with a realistic body envelope. This summer researchers expect to sign an agreement with the company Acroban to move to the next step.

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